2023 Speakers

This year’s lineup of speakers is made up of industry experts sharing the tips and strategies need to drive network performance.

Frode Gorseth

UTEL Systems

Frode has been with Utel since its inception 25 years ago and has built the company up from a start-up to a global player in Network Monitoring and Fraud Detection. Frode has a passion for utilising new technology in product development – such as using AI/ML in UTELs products for anomaly detection.

Helmut Contzen


Helmut is the Global Wireless Product Director at Deviser.

He focuses on 5G test equipment applications and market requirements, driving the Deviser product portfolio to meet the needs of next generation network deployments.

David Atkins

3A Design

Andy Howard


Paul Brett


Paul is an industry veteran with 30 years of experience in the IT networking
and security industry, he has held leadership roles both major corporations and start-up businesses, including HP and Newbridge Networks.
Paul has extensive experience working with both Service Providers and Enterprises.

Paul Whalley


Paul collaborates with major European Tier 1 carriers on finding innovative solutions to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs through deployment of automated monitoring products which utilise closed loop assurance tightly integrated with NFV/SDN platforms.

David Woodcock


David is responsible for product strategy for Acentury’s RF network testing and deployment solutions, as well as international sales and distribution.

Over 30 years he has held technical and commercial roles with technology leaders such as Motorola, HTC and Dell as well as several start-ups and scale-ups.

Tom Bell


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